1. Technical Support and Troubleshooting

  • Question: Is there a way or explanation of how to design ecommerce pages?( special request for type of website creation)

  • Answer: Currently, our platform excels in creating static websites and may not fully support complex e-commerce functionalities. However, we invite you to share your specific requirements, and we'll do our best to meet your needs within our capabilities.

  • Question: User is unable to export the project to their personal computer.

  • Answer: Export functionality is currently not supported; Wegic only offers online services.

  • Question: User experiences an error during website creation, and the assistant becomes unresponsive.

  • Answer: You are advised to start a new conversation to continue creating the website, and it is noted that the issue will be investigated and resolved.

2. Feature Requests

  • Question: User asks if they can download the website source code.

  • Answer: Downloading the source code is not currently supported; Wegic supports direct publishing and allows binding to one's own domain.

  • Question: Can I convert a UI design(such as Figma or Adobe XD)into a website?

  • Answer: This feature is not currently supported, but your feedback has been noted for potential future implementation

  • Question: Can I use a personalized domain name for the website and export it to my domain?

  • Answer: You can publish your website using a free Wegic domain in the publishing pop-up. If you want to use a fully custom domain, you'll need to upgrade to the Pro version.

  • Question: User asks about methods to add a form to collect emails and names.

  • Answer:

    1. Embed an external form. For example, you can create a form using https://typeform.com/ (e.g., https://u1yooiikr3h.typeform.com/to/LOTW5j3h), and then have Wegic add it to a block:

    2. If you already have your own service, you can tell Wegic to add a request to a specified button: Please add a POST request to the submit button: After clicking submit, post the input content to {request URL}. Request method: POST Request header: Content-Type: application/json Request body: {"msg_type":"text","content":{"text":"input content: email + Message"}}

3. Product Functionality

  • Question: Is there a roadmap?

  • Answer: We donโ€™t have a public roadmap at the moment, but weโ€™re actively working on it. Once it's ready, weโ€™ll update it here: https://wegic.canny.io/

  • Question: User inquires if they can publish the website from their phone.

  • Answer: We are still improving the mobile experience , so it is recommended to use the PC version for a more complete experience and instructions on how to publish the website are provided.

  • Question: Can the codes for the sites generated be extracted local machines for better customizations especially if i want to add other functionalities.

  • Answer: What function do you want to add? Maybe you can tell Wegic to see if it can be implemented.

4. Subscriptions and Payment Plans

  • Question: User suggests adding subscription plan options to support page export to PC.

  • Answer: It is noted that this requirement will be added to the discussion pool for consideration.

  • Questions: Do I get to see and fine tune the website before credit is used to get it? Or you just deduct as soon as it generates any design?

  • Answer: Currently, credits are deducted as soon as the website is generated. We deduct credits only when the website is generated or when modifications are made through AI. However, don't worry too much, the credits in the free version are generally sufficient for generating and modifying a simple website. If you want to get more credits, you can upgrade to the paid version or earn credits by inviting friends.

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