Advanced Usage

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Utilize commands to adjust the position and style of elements on the page, such as:

  1. Move text upwards by 40px

Move text upwards by 40px.

  1. Change top and bottom padding to 120px

Change top and bottom padding to 120px.

  1. Automatically switch background colors

Automatically switch background colors. Colors: #EFFF82, #B9B2FD, and #7BDB23.

Instruct Kimmy to replace specified elements, for example:

  1. Image to Video Background:

Change image to video background. Video URL:

  1. Delete All Content Except Main Title and Center It:

Delete all page content, leaving only the main title, and center the main title.

By mastering these advanced techniques, you've elevated your web design prowess to new heights. Keep innovating!

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