Website Management

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Prepare to level up your website game!

Beyond publishing, you can pull out a drawer from the bottom of the website interface to modify your website's logo, name, and description.

Step 1: Find the setting menu

Click on the drawer icon at the bottom of the website interface.

Select your published website and click on "Settings".

Step 2: Modify Website Logo, Name and Description

In the "Site Logo" field, Click the button "Change" . You can choose an image from your local device.

In the "Website Title" field, enter the desired title for your website.

In the "Website Description" field, enter the desired description for your website.

In the preview interface, you can see how the modified website logo, name, and description appear on the tab.

Note: As a premium user of Wegic, you have the option to remove the Wegic badge.

Step 3: Manage multiple pages

For websites with multiple pages, centralizd management allows for customizing the 'Name' of each page, enhancing memorability and user comprehension.

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